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EnVERT Agro and Food Pvt Ltd


Our range of agricuture products include corn, paddy, cotton, sunflower, mustard, sorghum, pulses, bajra, wheat, tomatoes, okra, chillies, watermelon, gourds, brinjal, tropical

fruits and vegetables like watermelon, melon, cucumber, bittergourd, marigold, jatropha oil, seed cake, oilseeds such as soybeans, rapeseed, canola and sunflower seeds,

biomass, biodiesel, bio jet fuel, hybrid seed, hybrid paddy, research paddy, maize, jowar, grain alcohol, alcoholic beverages, aqua feed and processed frozen shrimps, agriculture

machineries, and to operate rice mill, cold strage and agricultural nursery and to engage in conducting rersearch, organic farming, soil fertility management, market place

development, post harvest management, management of agricultural information dissemination, weeds, insect and disease management, performing soil quality and soil health

test, assaying and grading solution, yield estimation, carbon sequestration, price forecasting, crop rotation and cover crops, precision farming such as green house, poly house,

poly tunnels, net house, innovative chemical and biological pest management solutions, eco-friendly technological solutions to control pests extensive customer service for modern

and sustainable agriculture, non-agricultural applications, with a broad portfolio of pest control products and services for areas ranging from the home and garden sector to

forestry and to engage in process and product innovation and to manufacture , prepare, preserve, refine, pack, trade in, buy, sell and deal in fertilizer portfolio including single

super phosphate, ammonia, urea and ammonium thiosulfate, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, triple super phosphate, urea, urea ammonium nitrate,

ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride and bio or composite fertilizers and also to enter into Collaboration with various Indian and foreign companies and institutions in the

field of research in order to meet global challenges and to conduct national and international collaborative research, bring out scientific and academic publications and information

brochures in the field of agriculture, food and life sciences.


Our range of food products comprises of biscuits, cakes, chocolates, bread and other wheat products, spices, whether, whole or grinded, organic sweeteners, organic feeds,

agricultural products like oil seeds, cereals, herbs, beans and pulses, edible nuts, cashews, hazel nuts, peanuts, sesame, frying oils, liquid butter alternatives, buttery spreads

and margarines, cooking and pan sprays and virgin oils, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, dried fruits, laddoo, barfi, halwa, peda, khoa, rasagolla and other sweetmeat, lassi, various

types of pickles, pulps, puree, poultry products like daily fresh frozen chicken, turkey, quail, emu, mutton, pork, duck, processed meat, canned and tinned meat, value added

meat items like sausages, salami, stuffed turkey, galantines and value added eggs to ready-to-eat chicken treats, confectionery and beverage ingredients like coffee and

cocoa, food staples and packaged foods like dairy edible oils, grains, beverages like fruit drinks, nectars, sparkling drinks, shakes and carbonated soft drink, packaged drinking

water, organic soft drinks, dairy products like milk and milk by-products like ice cream, dairy milk, flavoured milk, butter milk, milk powder, yogurt, sweet curd, flavoured curd,

sugar free sweet curd, plain curd, ghee, butter, cottage cheese, fruit pulp, canned food, tomato paste and, horticultural products, processed foods, fast foods, processed fish

and sea foods, frozen foods, protein foods, health and instant foods of all kinds, including baby and dietic foods, cereals, beverages, restoratives and consumable provisions

and to extract by-products, derivatives food preparations of every kind and description and to develop a test system for checking the adulterations in foods.


Our range of biotechnology products consist of herbal products, cosmetics, bio-chemicals, bio-technology products, active pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients,

herbal extracts, phyto-pharmaceuticals, botanical extracts, amino acids, herbal formulations, agroceuticals, naturoceuticals, nutraceuticals and alternate medicines, home care,

hair care, personal care, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, growth regulators and to develop, establish, maintain and aid in the development, establishment and maintenance

of laboratories, research stations, containment facilities and programmes for the purpose of effecting improvement of all kinds of organic, pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic

and Unani products, biotech products in medicine, animal feeds and to develop new biotech, pharmaceutical and other areas of product lines useful in pharmaceutical,

healthcare, medicine and also to do research and development in these areas.